Jasper Alien Pendant with Atlantisite eyes

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Jasper Alien Pendant with Stichtite Serpentine (Atlantisite) eyes 

Length 56mm drop

Width 38mm

Weighs 32grams 



Jasper is a bold, earthy beauty with  many colours and tones. It carries an invigorating frequency of strength and vitality, and increases Life Force within the physical body. An Mother Earth stone, it is gaining in popularity throughout the world for its healing capacity, and for empowering one to feel and connect with the electromagnetic energy currents of the Earth. It enables one to utilize these positive energies to increase one’s will and focus one’s personal power. Jasper promotes an ageless spirit willing to accept change and seek new experiences, and awakens one’s natural instincts in knowing the right direction to take. [Eason, 317][Simmons, 217]