Cavansite Specimen

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Height 63mm

Width 74mm

Depth 40mm

Cavansite is a beautiful and rare mineral that forms sparkling blue crystals.

It can only be found in a small town in India. Because of its rarity and difficulty to mine, Cavansite is rarely collected.

The name Cavansite is derived from the stone’s chemical composition, calcium vanadium silicate (Ca-V-Si).Cavansite is usually blue in color, with shades ranging from ultramarine blue to greenish blue.

This stone was first found in Oregon, USA, in 1967.

Cavansite deposits have also been found in the USA, Brazil, New Zealand in recent years.

Why Would You Use Cavansite?

Cavansite is the stone that you must have if you are going through major changes in your life. This stone will fill you with courage and confidence during your period of transition.

You will be able to let go of your misconceptions and be reassured by your knowledge of your own actions.

Just like Ammolite, Cavansite is also an excellent meditation stone because it radiates warm and heartfelt energy! The energies of Cavansite will help you make sense of your past experiences.

It will also make you accept the lessons that you had difficulty accepting in the past. This time, you will be able to accept it with joy and optimism.

Cavansite will also enhance your ability to connect with the higher realms.

It will promote clear communication with the spirit world, and it will help you remember the information that you have received from your spiritual journeys.

This stone will also help you develop your other psychic gifts. It will enhance your intuition and facilitate a clearer communication with your spirit guides!

Cavansite is a deeply calming and comforting stone that will help you process your feelings of grief and loss.

It will help you relieve your stress and let go of anything that causes you tension and anxiety.

Cavansite is also known as the stone of truth. It will help you accept yourself for who you are, and it will also show you how you can accept others for who they are