Golden Healer Natural Point Pendant

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Golden Healer Pendant

Origin: Brazil

Weighs 6 grams

Height 33mm

Width 14mm

Thickness 6mm

Golden healer quartz healing properties connect with the solar plexus, third eye and crown chakras. This ushers in a mental tranquility that feels wonderful to relax into at the end of a long day. As golden healer energy restores power back into solar plexus, you’ll feel cleansed of any blocks you may have had there. Energy blocks in the solar plexus often manifest as stunted creativity, or lack of will power. When golden healer quartz energy connects with the solar plexus, it stimulates your inner-strength and lends confidence to your creativity. Enhancing your mental output, golden healer healing properties bring a rejuvenated intellect. Use golden healer quartz to set an intention to take on a challenge you’ve shied away from. Golden healer energy works to cleanse away fears and balance the mind so that you’re operating at your prime.

Like all quartz stones, golden healer quartz crystals are great for programming. Use a golden healer quartz sphere to program an intention. To do this, find a peaceful place within your home, hold your golden healer sphere in the palms of your hands, and state your intention aloud. An intention can be anything you need or want, such as: I am connected with the energy of light to heal my mind, body and soul. Then reconnect with the golden healer energy through meditation on a regular basis as needed

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